Let’s start from the beginning one more time!

I am Saatwik Rishi, the founder of Blogging Bow (bloggingbow.com). I created this website on 8th January 2019 with the hope that I could reach out to the world with the help of my blog. I am a techie who always wants to stay updated with the latest tech information, from a smartphone or a smart TV, I want to stay updated about everything. 

I have been working on WordPress for quite some time now. Before Blogging Bow, I used to work on my friend’s website.

I think that’s enough about me. Now let’s talk about the genre of my blog:

Blogging Bow (BGB) is a place for people who want to stay updated about the latest piece of tech as well as many other things. Our main motto is to try and cover every single thing. It’s not easy for a single person to do that. We post our personal experiences with different companies i.e. our experiences with their staff, product and as well as the customer support. 

We also try to guide the people who are planning to start their own website or planning to earn money online. 

We also cover up the latest news from around the world, which is updated daily on our homepage and we feature an article on the important ones. 

That’s what Blogging Bow is all about for now.

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