It has been more than a year since Avengers Infinity War and Avengers End Game is around the corner. I recently thought about a theory that ‘Did Thanos really survive the snap by luck or it was a part of his plan’.

I mean think about it. How does the infinity stones work? I don’t think that it’s just a snap? For example, He snaps his fingers once, everyone dies.

He snaps it twice, everyone comes back to life. There has to be a reason behind it. I myself have come up with a theory. Check it out below!

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The Theory:

I mean, how do these stones work? There has to be something.

For Time Stone, Dr Strange had to do some weird hand movements to unlock the Eye of Agamotto,

For mind stone, Loki had to move his sceptre and Vision had to control it with his head or mind maybe.

What I am trying to say, to use every single stone, the wielder must have a device through which he can control it. In the case of the Infinity War, it was the Infinity Gauntlet.

What I think is before performing some action through the stone(s), the wielder has to think about it. For example, Thanos must have thought about going to Earth before using the space stone and he must have thought about changing the reality through the reality stones.

Reality can be whatever I want

                                                        ~ Thanos

In the case of his finger snap, Thanos must have thought about erasing 50% of all living creatures except himself ( i.e. he removed the possibility of himself getting decimated (turning into dust)

I came up with this theory because, in the new 1-minute clip of Avengers End Game, Captain Marvel says this about the stones  “Let’s get em and use them to get everyone back“,

Moments later Rhodey replies “Just like that?” and Captain replies to Rhodey “Yea, just like that“.

Maybe, at the end of Avengers End Game, the final wielder of the Infinity Gauntlet ( Maybe Thor or Captain Marvel as no human is worthy of holding/wielding all the stones at the same time) will think about reviving all of the creatures who died and snap his fingers one more time. 

The new one minute clip can be found below!

Avengers End Game is just 2 weeks away from releasing worldwide!
What do you guys think about this theory?

Reply in the comment section! and remember it’s just a theory and a simple thought.

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