IPL is one of the biggest and the most enjoyable T20 series in India as the players of the Indian team go against each other for a trophy. Every year during the IPL season, there’s some kind of controversy which creates a spark between the viewers and the players and leads to something big. This year something like this happened again during a match between Kings XI Punjab and Rajasthan Royals.

What really happened during the match?:

It was the fifth ball(5) of the twelfth over(12) and Sanju Samson was on strike. Josh Buttler was the runner and Ravichandran Ashwin was the bowler. When Ravichandran Ashwin was taking the run-up and almost reached the crease, he saw Buttler out of the safe zone, so he decided to hit the wicket near the bowler’s area(Mankad) instead of throwing it at the batsman. This, however, was legal and allowed but Ashwin is facing a lot of criticism because of the action he took. 

Even Buttler was very angry with what Ashwin did but couldn’t do anything except making angry facial expressions.

Many crickets out there are criticizing him and over twitter and the India media is all over him.
Here’s a video of what really happened:

Link of the video –

While many were against Aswhin, there were some people who argued that the action was within the laws of the game.


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