Google is one of the largest tech giants in the whole world and owns 89.95% of the “Search Engine Share Market”. However, after building a search engine which is as good perfect, Google has decided to enter the gaming market and is creating a “Game Platform for everyone”. called Google Stadia. 

What is Google Stadia?:

Google Stadia is a cloud gaming platform and is a combination of years of work the company’s been doing around Networking Technology and Streaming Video. So basically Google wants to build the Netflix of Video Games, so you can play any game, anytime and on any screen regardless of what hardware you have.

You wouldn’t even need a console or PC.  There are other companies which have tried this, for example, Onlive or Gaikai but Google says that it has the infrastructure and technology to finally pull this off. 

How does Google Stadia work?:

The concept of the working of Google Stadia is very simple but notoriously very difficult to pull off.  Cloud Gaming, unlike music streaming or video streaming, requires you to run the game in a data centre. According to Phil Harrison, the Vice President of Google, Google have given an entire data centre to the game developer and decided to be completely device agnostic, so the users won’t need a console.

So technically somewhere you have a PC on a rack running a game on a data centre somewhere and it’s sending a video feed over the internet to your screen, then you as a player are pressing buttons on a controller and sending that input back over the internet and all of that is suppose to happen with no latency or lag at 1080P and 60FPS(Frames Per Second). According to the company, Google Stadia will be capable of running at true 4k resolution with HDR colour at an unrelenting 60 Frames Per Second.  

How will you be able to use it?

Essentially, Google is making use of every critical part of its business to try to turn cloud gaming into reality.

  1. The first part is Google Chrome Browser and by extension, Google Chromecast to run the game on your PC, TV or whatever device you’re using.
  2. The second part is the Android Operating System, it’s the most popular OS on the planet and it’s gonna be how Google gets Stadia on your Smartphone and Tablet.
  3. The third and most interesting one is Youtube. Youtube will enable all sorts of futuristic features which will be a high selling point when the service launches. 
  • The first feature will allow you to launch a game using Stadia with a press of a button by watching a Youtube Video or Stream.
  • The second feature will allow you to join the streamer with while they’re streaming. That way they can invite you to play with them during a live stream.
  • Players can even use Google Assistant to cheat, they can search for a walkthrough if they are stuck at some point in the game.

Apart from all this, Google will also launch its own WiFi-enabled controller which is directly going to contact the data centre, so that way if you’re switching devices while playing a game, you won’t need to re-sync the controller every time you change the device.

Google Stadia is one of the hardest thing to pull off, but a company like Google which has a data centre in almost every country might just do it. 

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