Have you ever wondered why do you have to pay extra bucks in order to get a carry bag in a Domino’s, Pizza Hut or any other shopping/food complex’s outlet? 

A few days back when I was at a Dominos outlet buying some pizza, I asked the guy behind the counter the same question, i.e. “Why do you charge us Rs, 10 for this small bag of paper, which is not even worth Rs 5?” 

He replied, “We can’t help it, sir. These are the orders from the company and we have to follow it no matter what.” 

How come these companies are exploiting us?:

Have you ever noticed the carry bag you “buy” from them? There’s their company’s name written all over it. So basically, you are paying them to advertise for them. 

What I mean is, you buy food from that place. Good, bad, whatever, mostly bad ( if you’re at a dominos outlet ), you pay them the money for the food and a shit quality carry bag which is going to get destroyed if you keep a drink or a wet cup inside it.

Now, if you notice the carry bag properly, you will find that the name of their company written in big CAPITAL letters.

So what is that? I believe that’s free marketing. Below, I have mentioned a few cases of this exploit which went viral,

Did you hear about Bata?

When you think about buying sandals or school shoes, what is the first name that comes to your mind? Well, for a few people, it’s Bata.

Bata is known for providing good quality footwear at a reasonable price, but recently there has been a case in one of their outlets in Chandigarh. 

This is what happened:

A Chandigarh consumer forum has slapped a penalty of Rs 9,000 on retail brand Bata India Ltd for asking a consumer to pay Rs 3 for a paper bag.

The regulator also censured the company over the harassment of customers and deficiency in its services.

Chandigarh resident Dinesh Prasad Raturi, in his complaint to the consumer forum, said that he had bought a pair of shoes from a Bata store in Sector 22D on February 5.

The store charged him Rs 402 inclusive of the paper bag charges but he sought a refund of Rs 3 (paper bag charge) refusing to pay it and also demanded a compensation for deficiency in services.

Source -> India Today

So basically, Bata had to pay the customer 9000Rs as a penalty. 

What’s the solution?:

Well, we can do a few things. First of all, we can all carry out own bags to shopping outlets like Big Baazar, so that we won’t waste any sort of money on the bag they provide. 

You can also ask the companies, not to provide paper carry bag, and provide a good one instead as we all know that the carry bags they provide aren’t even worth Rs 5.

There are always more solutions to a problem, if you have one then write down in the comment section and share this post with all your friends to make them aware of this exploit. 


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