One touch of nature makes the world kin.    

– William Shakespeare 


    14th March 2011, one of the saddest day humanity as a whole ever faced. I remember seeing the news and feeling sympathy for those who lost everything to nature, a magnitude 9 earthquake.

In this article, we will focus on geoscientific effects caused by this incident and how Japan prevented further loss of lives. 

A Look in the PAST

Japan has been so to say an earthquake-prone country. 

The country’s name is often ironic to the disaster it suffers but, is a letter for letter true for its capability to recover. 

The 2011 earthquake was not the deadliest earthquake Japan had ever seen, in fact, the credit goes to the great Kanto earthquake which resulted in the death of more than a 100,000 people compared to the 23,000 lives lost recently. 

Japan’s safety measures 

Earthquake ready bullet trains have to be one of the best put to use system for safety, at any given notice they can transport the citizens to a safe place i.e. A Higher ground 

Technology is one of Japan’s biggest feats and the Japanese government is quick to warn and give direction to safety to its people. 

Education system includes regular earthquake situation practice drills and schools most have a safeguard system in place 

One of the most impressive feat is the water discharge tunnel which is considered as the largest water diver facility and took more than 13 yrs to build. 

Just take a look :

Kasukabe, Japan

The ‘Surprise’ 

Scientists consider this incidence a surprise stating the reason to be a not so predictable amount of stress built up between the two tectonic plates also the tsunami that followed that resulted in mass destruction. 

Shifting of the Earth’s AXIS 

Scientists at NASA have determined that the earthquake Shifted Japan’s mainland Honshu by appx. 2.5 m or 8 feet! 

Although not much, this comes as a surprise because according to the scientists who study the shift, tell that this should have taken more than 100 yrs to happen at a natural rate. 

 Richard Gross of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory led a study towards determining how the earthquake affected Earth’s rotation and found out that it had shortened days by 1.8 microseconds and shifted the Earth’s figure AXIS by 6.5 inches, towards 133 degrees east longitude.

Although there was no effect on earth in space the figure axis is still as important. 


Although the objective of the article is just to make people aware of the small but still huge impact this calamity caused 8 yrs ago. 

I still would like to leave readers with an intriguing question :

What are the possibilities of Atlantic not disappearing if a whole country can get engulfed in such a disaster? I recommend that you watch the video BRIGHT INSIGHT did on the topic Here

Pls, do share so that more people can learn about this. 

Read NASA’S detailed analysis here

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