How to make money online while you’re at home


Nowadays, attempts to make money online is one of the most done tasks on the internet. Many people get scammed while doing so while others are lazy to do tons of tasks for a very few dollars. Here are a few ways, with which you can make money online while you’re at your home.

Take Online Surveys:

Taking surveys for money is by far the best way for most people to make a little side income in their free time.It doesn’t require any experience or investment.It’s totally free to join any legit survey site.

These sites conduct online surveys on behalf of companies and manufacturers who use the feedback you provide to improve or develop new products.In return for your time and input, you are rewarded with cash, gift cards, and other prizes.It’s not unheard of to make a few hundred dollars a month with surveys.The way to do that is by joining a few dozen legit panels so you can have access to a lot of paid survey opportunities.If you only want cash, there are survey sites that pay cash (via PayPal.)

Sites to use:

Get Paid to Test Websites:

User testing is a real thing!

In order to test the functionality and user-friendliness of their website, many businesses pay people to simply visit their site and test the various functionalities of it. Of course finding clients on your own is almost impossible, which is why sites like Usertesting are there.You can sign up for free, then whenever they have a new site to be tested, you will be notified.You visit the said site, then report back with your experience.The pay differs from site to site, but Usertesting pays $10 flat for every site review you complete.

I myself am a certified User Testing Website Tester.

Sites to use:

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