Huawei is one of the largest China-based smartphones company in the world and was on the second position in Q4 2018. 

It is also the manufacture of the best and most sold smartphone in the United States, i.e. Huawei P30 Pro.

Recently, Huawei has been facing some allegations by the US government about data stealing and now it is finally banned in The United States.

What’s the hype about?:

Well, you might have heard before that the US government doesn’t trust this China-based company as they think they it sends the data of the smartphone users back to China

So the US government thought that it’s violating their privacy and hence decided to stop the company from selling their products in The United States.

Soon after President Trump announced this, back to back, many US-based companies started cancelling their contracts and partnership starting with Google, Intel and Qualcomm.

I am a Huawei smartphone user, will I have to throw away my mobile phone?:

Well, no. You don’t need to throw it away as the Google apps installed in your smartphone will continue to work properly, but you won’t get any updates in the future.

The same goes for any other smartphone app like Twitter and Facebook. You won’t be able to update them.

But however, your Google Play Protect and Google Play Services will keep running, 


What Huawei is planning to do after Android?:

It has been rumoured that Huawei is working on its own Operating System called “HongMeng”.

It will be a closed operating system just like iOS and will only work on Huawei smartphones.

However, it will take some time for all the smartphone applications such as Facebook, Whatsapp etc. to get on that particular OS.

However, I am not sure that if these US-based companies are even gonna bother to work on apps for HongMeng.

Let’s come to the hardware:

After Google, companies like Qualcomm and Intel also decided not to make key software and components for Huawei i.e. they are not going sell their chipsets and processors to Huawei.

So basically, now there wouldn’t be any Huawei laptop containing an Intel chip, or any Huawei smartphone which contains snapdragon processor in the future and the latest 5G phone by Huawei will be cancelled.

However, companies like AMD haven’t broken their ties yet so we might see AMD based Huawei laptops in the future.

What shall we do, now that they’re gone?:

Huawei ban will affect the software updates in the future and therefore, if you’re using the software by Huawei, you won’t be able to update your smartphone.

But, when there’s a problem, there’s a solution too. In this case, you can always go for another Android-based custom Roms like Pixel Experience or Cygenmod OS.

Most of them are Google certified and hence you will receive all the necessary updates in the future through these ROMs.




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