That’s a terrifying thing to hear from your own ears especially when someone related to you says something like it although the call would also demand money to be transferred through an anonymous bitcoin transaction.

 It will be really twisted if you then get to know that the person really didn’t get kidnapped! 


That’s right almost a year ago a new FREE service called was launched by a few computer science students.

 After that Bloomberg did a video on them and they talked about the scary possibilities but we need to broaden our horizon and think what else the possibilities are.

 It has nearly been a year since the video and the things have only advanced. 

The MAKING of the NET:

Besides the possibility of terminators taking your voice and using it to kill your family, there is a possibility of another batch of Nigerian scammers in the production and a far too unavoidable one.

The way works is by making you say some phrases available on their website and looking for patterns, pitch and tone in your voice and using it to create your own digital voice.

Which you can then use by typing sentences and hearing the surprising feedback you get! I mean I thought that the voice produced by was almost if not exactly identical to the way I speak.

That digital voice had a digital soul. (see what I did there??).

The PISCATOR and the BAIT:

So it won’t be surprising if someone targets you makes you say some phrases on call and offer you a lucky chance to win an iPhone Xs or whatever, at least this way they seem more genuine anything but harmless (when someone is not asking your credit card info!) 

Next day they won’t call you but your relatives, enacting your voice and telling your family that YOU can get killed if they hang up the phone, essentially trapping them into believing that it’s you and it is your voice and there is so much risk in doing anything else than following the instructions. 

Thus making them the fish.
Hence the story of a fisherman using a net in a medium to catch a fish. 


Mr Musk is right when he says that A.I. should be kept in control, maybe some incident like this could act as a wakeup call? 

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