Suppose you’re a multiplayer gamer and someone asks you about a voice chatting/messaging app you can use while playing. Which are the first two apps that would come to your mind? I bet, that it’s either Discord or Teamspeak. This post is about Discord’s safety. It is safe to run it?

I myself am using Teamspeak for more than 5 years and I recently joined the Discord community. 

What is Discord?

Discord is an online multiplayer chatting platform (both Voice and Video) which is dedicated to all the gamers out there. It’s totally free for both Server Owner and the Players.

I must say, Teamspeak lies nowhere if we compare it to Discord. It gives you hassle-free voice and video chat, group chat, tags system(just like Teamspeak).

You can basically do everything you can do on Teamspeak and it’s free! Even on Android and IOS, Teamspeak is a paid application.

I still remember paying 139Rs(Roughly 2$) for Teamspeak on Android.

In terms of security, Discord is one of the safest and the most secure app you can find out there. The login system is very secure. It even asks for a code every time you log in from a new IP, just like steam.

You must be thinking, “Why the hell is he saying good things about Discord’s security, the post’s title is about how un-secure Discord can be!

Yes, Discord can be un-secure sometimes.

Let’s talk about the title, How did my friends hear my private chats:

Ok, this is what happened. I talked to my friends on Discord for like an hour and later on, I closed the app and shut down my laptop.

After some time, my brother took it and started it. Now, Discord by default has an auto-start feature i.e. it automatically starts and connects to the previous server it was connected to after the laptop starts.

My brother was using the laptop for quite some time and he was talking to me about some things. After 10 minutes or so, a friend of mine messaged me on Discord, saying “We can hear you”.

My brother didn’t know the concept of Discord so he freaked out and restarted the laptop. And he told me about it. It was a kinda weird moment for me. I didn’t know if I have to laugh or be afraid. I told him about this autostart feature and disabled it as soon as possible.

It can happen with you too

As I’ve said before, Discord is one of the safest application out there. They don’t believe in selling any data. their log in system is the best and has a lot of exciting features.

However, this auto-start is available on Windows 8+ only. So if you’re a Windows 7 user, then you’re safe.

To make sure it doesn’t happen with you too, all you have to do is,

  • Open the Task Manager ( Ctrl + Shift + Esc or Alt + Ctrl + Del) 
  • DIscord Task Manager

  • Go to the *startup* option. 
  • You will find Discord there, just click on it
  • Press Disable and restart the laptop/PC(Desktop)

Now, Discord won’t start automatically and your conversations with your family or friends won’t be heard on Discord by your online friends.

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