Summer is around the corner. days are going to long, hot and hectic and you would want that ten to fourteen hours of time you spend in your home to be the best and the most relaxing time of the day. It’s quite hot in summer and many of you would be planning to buy a new Air Conditioner.

As we all know, an Air Conditioner is a long time investment and one has to look at everything i.e. the price, quality, star rating, offers, company, condenser and especially warranty. We have done that for you and compiled a list. For more on, the factors that went judging the item list we have below Many of us while buying an Air Conditioner make plenty of mistakes, some of us go for star rating which destroys the cooling factor whereas others tend to go for the exciting offers and cheap prices which the company gives, which in-turn comes out to be a stupid investment ( only in some cases ).


Which AC should I buy then?

I have done some research on my own and went through many e-commerce sites and made a list of a few of them which I thought are the best, so here is a list of few AC’s ( 1 ton – 1.5 ton ) which you can buy online – 


Voltas is one of the best companies when it comes to buying an  AC. Voltas’s main aim is to provide cheap and good quality air conditioners. This particular model is cheap, has a good star rating and is backed up by a company like TATA. You can check it out and buy it HERE

This is one by whirlpool. It’s cheap and has good cooling features. it has 3D cooling and a digital inverter which is quite good at this price range, you may buy it HERE


Samsung 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split Inverter AC  - White


When it comes to ACs, Samsung is one of the most trusted sources. It has great customer support, great quality and great prices too. This AC is the one currently I use and I bought it last year from Flipkart. It works wonderfully. You may check it out and buy it HERE


Voltas 1.2 Ton 3 Star Split Inverter AC  - White

This one is again, by Voltas and has wonderful features. The size is not that big and it has good cooling capacity for a small room. You can check it out and buy it HERE


MarQ by Flipkart 1 Ton 3 Star Split Inverter AC  - White

MarQ is owned by Flipkart. This AC has a good rating on their website by various users and is quite cheap. you can check it out HERE

LG 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split Dual Inverter AC  - White

When it comes to Air Conditioners, LG is also considered as one of the best. You can check this AC out on Flipkart, This has good customer rating and is available in 1 and 1.5 Ton variants.

You can check it out HERE

You didn’t find any AC which is good enough?

I will update more Air Conditioners too, however, if you were not satisfied with any of the products mentioned above then you might check out these filtered searches which I have given below. 

These are the best AC’s under 50000 Rupees on Flipkart:



These are the best AC’s under 50000 Rupees on Amazon:



Didn’t like any options from the filtered links too? Don’t worry. I have given a list of important stuff one must look at while buying an AC:

As I said before, there are a lot of major factors a person has to look at while buying an AC. It all depends on your usage, budget and the area where you live, actually not just the area but the size of your room and wall space, everything is a major factor. You have to check if the AC is digital inverter and is stabilizer free or not.

Now you must be thinking that “Why the size of my room would matter? and size of my wall? Are you kidding me?

Well, I am not kidding, it all matters when it comes to buying an AC, Air Conditioner comes in several sizes and capacities. By the term ‘Capacity’ i mean ‘capacity in tons’. 

What does it all have to do with the size of my room?:

Many of you would be thinking right now that “how the size of my room will play a role in all this?”. Well, it does and it’s one of the major factors. The ton capacity has to be chosen depending upon the size one your room. AC has several values of capacity, the minimum value is 0.75 Ton which is for a very – very small room.

What is one-ton capacity?:

ton is the cooling capacity of an air conditioning system. One ton is equal to the amount of heat required (288,000 Btu) to melt one ton of ice in a 24-hour period. A oneton air conditioner is rated at 12,000 Btu per hour (288,000/24). A two-ton unit would be rated at 24,000 Btu per hour. In other words, the more the ton, the faster and stronger the cooling will be.

What should be the ton capacity for my AC?:

Ton capacity depends on the size of your room. For instance, the dimensions of my room are 12 x 11 feet and I use a 1.5 Ton Digital Inverter AC. My AC cost me around Rs.32000 (after the discount and offers). I have mentioned it on the list of Air Conditioners below. It’s a 3-star rating AC and cools pretty fast even on a cooling high temperature of 27-degree Celsius. Now if you have a room which is around 2 – 3 feet smaller than mine, then a one ton AC would do but if you have a bigger room then I think you should buy one with more ton capacity.

Star Rating:

The star rating is another major factor while you buy an AC. The more star rating your AC has, the more energy it will save. Mostly AC which has 1 to 1.5 Ton capacity has a star rating which lies around 2.5 – 4. The more the star rating, the costlier your AC might get. So buying an AC with a 3-star rating would just be fine and not much costly too.

What is Condensor? and how does it play a major role in buying an AC?:

A condenser unit used in central air conditioning systems typically has a heat exchanger section to cool down and condense incoming refrigerant vapour into liquid ( Source – Wikipedia )

It basically converts the cooling gas into liquid and then send it to the internal unit ( which is placed inside our rooms ) which in-turn blow cold air and hence gives us cooling effect.

In air conditioners, there are mostly two types of condensers used.

1) Alloy CondenserAlloy condenser means that it is built up of more than two metals. It is mostly made up by mixing copper and aluminium.
2) Aluminum Condenser: As the name suggests, aluminium condenser is made up of aluminium.
3) Copper Condenser: It’s made up of copper.

Now among the three of these, which is better?

In a country like India, Alloy Condenser is recommended by most people. It lasts longer in bad and polluted weather conditions. I myself have Alloy Condenser in all of my AC’s 

After Alloy, the Copper Condenser is the most recommended one. If the weather of your location is not hot enough then you can go for copper. 

Aluminium Condenser is the least recommended one among the three of these it has a low melting point and isn’t strong enough.

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