Wireless charging, in its current state is kind of misleading compared to wireless internet or wireless controller. For wireless charging to work, your phone needs such close proximity to the pad, to be honest a better name should be contact charging. True wireless charging is a different thing and it’s here.

What is the current standard of wireless charging?:

The current standard of wireless charging is called ‘Qi‘ wireless charging and it works with two coils. The first one is inside the mobile device and the other one is inside the pad on which your device is kept while charging.

It basically works on the concept of electromagnetic field or we could say that it works on the concept of mutual induction, i.e. producing current in one coil through the magnetic field of another.

In the current standard wireless charging, if you want to use your phone, the charging has to stop and if you’re using a wired charger then all you get is a limited range.

Is true wireless charging possible?:

As I said in the introduction, that true wireless charging is a different game and it’s here. So yes it’s possible. There is a company called “Energous” which is working on this technology. What they are doing is a little bit different.

Instead of using electromagnetic fields between the coils, they built a hub which creates radio frequencies which fires upto 15 feet.

So almost every device can catch these frequencies and convert them into electricity. So this hub, it can provide wireless charging to every single device into your room that is you can use it to charge not only your mobile phone but you can get your headphones and other electronic devices charged as well. You can even use it in your car.

What’s the setback?:

Well this concept of true wireless charging works on the basis of radio frequencies which travels through air and by the time it reaches your device, it loses a lot of energy, that is the energy of the waves which is received by the device is much lesser than the energy liberated by the hub.

In the end I would like to say that this technology is in a transitional phase like notches in mobile phones and there will be a lot of improvements in the future.

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